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Transform your career through 1:1
Transformational Coaching 


Michelle empowers you to overcome self-doubt, enhance your skill mastery with ease and confidence, and pursue your career goals with conviction. With access to Michelle’s vast resources, network, and career strategy tools, you will find solace in the career of your dreams and aspirations.

Schedule a Complimentary Discover
(30 min)

1 Hr Career Strategy Session $250

This session provides a clear, actionable plan that aligns with your professional goals and maximizes your potential. During this one-hour strategy session tailored for executive coaching, we will: 

  • Review your recent performance appraisals to assess areas of achievement and opportunities for improvement, setting the stage for targeted developmental strategies.

  • Conduct a detailed debriefing of your personality and human behavior results, analyzing your communication styles, behavioral traits, and their impact on professional interactions.

  • Delve into your skill sets and strengths results to uncover and discuss your core strengths, providing clarity on leveraging them in your current or desired role.

  • Perform a thorough review of your resume and skill set inventory, identifying key areas to enhance your marketability and align your capabilities with your career ambitions.


This session equips you with the tools and strategies needed for a seamless and successful transition into a new career phase, with a strong focus on presenting a cohesive and professional personal brand. During this two-hour strategy session tailored for executive coaching, we will: 

  • Optimize your resume to highlight your skills and experiences in alignment with your career goals.

  • Enhance your LinkedIn profile to capture attention in your industry and network, effectively communicating your professional narrative and value proposition.

  • Define and articulate your unique value proposition, helping you clearly express the distinct benefits you bring to potential employers.

  • Conduct a personal branding assessment, utilizing a checklist to evaluate and refine your presentation across all platforms and interactions, ensuring consistency and impact in your professional image.

Take the next step in your career journey and unlock your full potential with Michelle's expert guidance.
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