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Meet Michelle

Executive, Business Development Coach & Consultant

My name is Michelle DeStefano, and I am a Registered Nurse with over 30 years in progressive leadership roles. I am an executive, business development coach, and consultant with a positive track record in leading individuals and teams to actualize their true potential. Despite my many professional achievements and positive performance appraisals, and large annual bonuses for a job well done, I encountered career challenges and setbacks. Specifically, I have been passed over for promotion even when promised organizational mobility. I have been in positions where I was devalued. I was even threatened about my longevity in a position despite excellent performance appraisals and annual bonuses showing I exceeded organizational performance: totally blind-sided! Been there, done that, and ... I live to tell and stand the test of time. 

So how did these career challenges and setbacks make me feel? At first, I blamed myself, even though my rational self said that I did the best I could and I gave them all of me. My irrational self said, "You're a failure, what were you thinking? You should have compromised your values more. Keep your head in the game!" I was full of negative self-talk. My belief in myself was compromised, my lack of trust in others was sparse, my emotions ran amok leaving me crippled and unable to take the steps to redefine myself and to achieve full professional and personal outcomes. Can you relate? 

So then, what did I do after mourning for several months? (Yes, I did allow Drama Queen Michelle to breakthrough). But Drama Queen wasn't going to help me blaze a new path and find myself. So, I invested in me! I hired a coach who drew out my inner genius, my leadership style, my courage and helped me realign my skillset. My coach stimulated me to re-engage in order to pursue my calling in life. Namely, mentorship methodology to develop and support future dynamic professional women inclusive of my leading by personal example. I replaced the word failure with learning opportunity. I replaced labeling myself with a formal title and pursuing my passion and newly recognized purpose in life. I re-evaluated what success means to me. What did it look like? To me, success was no longer a title, but serving my calling and passion. Yes, the former Michelle was back, forging ahead and replacing my negative thoughts with positive thoughts about who Michelle is and who she wants to continue to be. Guess what, I SOARED to new career heights. I stepped out of my comfort zone and landed on my feet!

Michelle-DeStefano 6613-sq.jpg

Through my setbacks, personal development, and growth, I found I had a much larger vision and purpose for myself. I wanted to make a bigger impact. I wanted to connect with more individuals from multiple and varied organizations. I was drawn to consulting and coaching, not staying in a corporate leadership position.

Due to this personal transformation, I now serve dynamic, professional women who want to unlock their inner genius after experiencing their own crossroads. My passion and calling are to inspire you, a dynamic professional woman to SOAR... because I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams and obtain positive and professional personal results in their lives. 

If you can relate to any of this, let's talk soon!

the soar model

We'll do a deep dive into these topics to help you achieve your biggest career goals. 

Skill Sets

We will explore what skills you love doing, what skills need to be developed, and making sure that you're in flow with your current competency. 


What have your challenges been?  How have you dealt with setbacks? How do we make those challenges into opportunities?

action planning

What does your career look like 6 months from now?  What steps to get there?  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  We will develop an action plan with milestones to help you reach your goals.


How do we measure your success?   Did you get your dream job?  What insights have we gained from our coaching about you? Do you have a new resume built? Is your LinkedIn profile the best it can be? 


john maxwell certification

I've studied under John Maxwell to become a top coach in the industry through acquiring six core competencies. 

  1. Invoking self-awareness in myself and in my clients (yes, I have a coach too). 

  2. Communicating in the present and utilizing presence.

  3. Intentional listening

  4. Creating curiosity

  5. Effective questioning

  6. Gaining intuition

Christian Simpson.JPG

christian simpson

my coaches

I am currently being coached myself because I believe in ongoing development. Christian Simpson is a coach's master coach. I participate in his live group coaching sessions weekly with coaches all around the globe. 

I am also being coached by Anna Simpson and participate in the Empowered Women Inner Circle. This program trains women entrepreneurs to clearly articulate their messaging and positioning in front of your service's identified clients. 

Anna Simpson.JPG

Anna simpson

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