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Are you a healthcare leader facing immense demands and challenges in your day-to-day operations?

Do you find yourself lacking the time and energy to build the strong support system you need? Are you struggling to keep up with innovations and best practices to create the ideal culture for your teams? Imagine having a confidential, safe space where you can network, share experiences, and gain insights from like-minded individuals who are as dedicated to excelling in their careers as you are.

Not only will you have a support network, but also access to experts in the field who will assist you in problem-solving and executing your strategic plans. Gain the tools, guidance, and confidence to lead effectively and achieve your professional goals.

Join our Inner Circle and transform your leadership journey with the support and expertise you deserve.

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You may not know me personally, but with over three decades of expertise in the healthcare sector, including roles as a healthcare consultant, I have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by leaders like you. From driving organizational change to ensuring quality patient outcomes and fostering innovation and staff engagement, the demands are immense and sometimes seem insurmountable. 

What if I told you there was a support strategy specifically tailored for leaders like you?

I have been providing a unique support mechanism that draws on the collective wisdom across the healthcare sector to leaders who want to excel in their roles and organizations. This program is designed for those who are not content to sit passively by but are eager to take a proactive step towards innovation, networking, strategic development, and execution—all within a safe, confidential environment.

If you're a healthcare leader who aims to excel in your current role and environment and are ready to invest in your self-development and personal growth, I invite you to apply for our next cohort. This is more than just an education and networking session; it’s an opportunity to transform the landscape of healthcare leadership together.

  • Workbooks

  • Study Guides

  • All Materials/ Resources

  • Video Recordings after every Inner Circle Sessions

  • 1:1 Quarterly Individual Strategy Sessions

  • Group Coaching and Mentorship

  • Worksheets and Self-Assessments

  • Access to organizational performance assessments

  • Referral Program Benefits


Join us Today for the Next Cohort!

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"My experience with the Inner Circle and Michelle has been nothing less than wonderful. The cohort that I am a part of have been engaged to the discussions, and vulnerable to share struggles, barriers, and goals. The thought leaders and presenters have been on-point and supportive to provide content that is relevant and addressing many of the current landscape in healthcare issues and leadership development. Being able to network with colleagues across various facets of leadership has also been helpful and conveys in a positive fashion that none of us are alone. I look forward to continuing to gather and aspire for additional opportunities to learn and grow. I believe the connections that I’m making in the Inner Circle open pathways to future careers."

Amanda Wood

Vice President of Nursing

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